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Both MedPointe, our EMR, and Practice Made Perfect, our practice management system, are used in a wide range of specialties.  Although the software is enjoyed by large, multi-specialty, multi-site clinics, it was designed especially to meet the unique needs of the small-to-medium sized, independent practice.

We specialize in small-to-medium sized practices.

We understand the often hectic needs of smaller practices.  We provide the tools to maximize your efficiency and increase your profitability.

Great software.

Great support.

Priced very competitively.

We are here to serve you.


Here's what they say...

"I am a former user of Med*nt’s EMR but struggled with all of the clicks and keystrokes it took to do things I needed to do.  After investing so much money into one EMR, why was I willing to pay for another one?  It’s that much better."  - V.B., MD

"I used another EMR for a few years but was frustrated with the workflow.  The advantages in using MedPointe were worth the money it cost me to pay for it twice."  - D.M., MD

"We purchased eCl*nical Works because of their great marketing.  Unfortunately, their marketing was better than their product and support.  We switched to MedPointe.  It works for us."  - J.E., OM

"I am a former user of SO*PWare.  It did the basics well, but there it required a lot of typing and it didn’t do the kinds of things I needed.  MedPointe is a great product!"  - W.C., MD

"I am one of those 'graduates' - I switched from SO*PWare to MedPointe.  What a difference!  I appreciate the support.  HST has been there for me when I needed them."  - W.N., MD

"I had no computer experience prior to using MedPointe.  The transition was challenging for me, but I’d never go back.  The program is easy-to-use, and it saved us thousands in transcription costs every month."  - R.D., MD

"When I went into private practice, I started with EMR.  I can tell you from experience that no matter what product you choose, there will be glitches, so you better choose a company that will be there for you.  HST was always there when I needed them.  I didn't know what I was getting into.  I'm glad I chose a company that walked me through it."  - B.H., MD

"This program is miles ahead of the competition in terms of ease of use." 
- G.P., MD

"They’re good people who were there for me when I needed them."  - A.M., MD


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