Electronic Medical Records

MedPointe is a complete, certified EMR/EHR.  Coupled with our practice management program, Practice Made Perfect, it is a full, all-in-one workflow solution.

The program is simple, yet elegant.

 - G.E., MD

Because the program was designed by physicians working together with a workflow specialist, it boasts the most intuitive user interface you will find in any EMR.  At the same time, it is loaded with functionality to make it a powerful workflow tool. 

The screens are easy to read.  The operation flows according to your workflow.  It is not difficult to do the tasks you routinely do, and you do not have to constantly wait for another window to open.

The program is used by primary care providers and a wide range of specialists.  It is highly confiurable.  Its features include:

  •  Problem List
  • Medication List
  • Allergy & Interaction Checking
  •  Electronic Prescribing
  •  Electronic Lab Results
  •  History & Physical Documentation Tools
  •  Preventive Care
  •  Disease Management
  •  Reminders (voice, e-mail, text messages)
  •  Patient Portal
  •  Growth Charts
  •  Flow Sheets
  •  Document Management
  •  Fax Management
  •  Referral Management & Automated Correspondence
  •  Integration with Billing Systems
  •  Alerts
  •  Patient Education Handouts


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