Meaningful Use

Certification, Features, and Ease-Of-Use

MedPointe has been certified by ICSA Labs, a division of Verizon, as a complete ambulatory EHR (under the 2014 guidelines).  Having all the required features to ensure you qualify for federal incentive money, however, is not enough. 

MedPointe not only has the features for you to achieve Meaningful Use, it makes it easy for you to do so.

First off, our workflow makes it easy to comply.  There are typically no additional steps needed, and where there are, it's as simple as checking a box or clicking a button.  It really couldn't be any simpler.

Our Meaningful Use Analyzer allows you at any time, with just a few clicks, to see how you are doing in regards to the requirements.  You can quickly view your grade on the requirements, taking note of the highlighted ones where you are sub-par.

Not all "certified" EMR's are created equal!

Costs & Limitations Disclosure:

In accordance with the requirements of Meaningful Use requirements, HST is required to make the following disclosures:

Costs:  There are no additional costs for the features & capabilities required for Meaningful Use.  The pricing listed on the proposal includes all of the software functionality required for Meaningful Use attestation.


Pursuant to HST’s security policy, the Direct messaging capability is restricted and users will be unable to exchange messages with users of third-party HISPs with whom Surescripts does not have a trust agreement.

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